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Connecting people with architecture and each other through virtual reality

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We convert your development plans into rich media.








For you the developer, we extract more value out of your existing architectural plans by bringing them to life with rich media.

Or perhaps you the architect need to get your Revit model into virtual reality or video. We’re here to help, to be involved as little or as much as you need.

We absolutely don’t alter the design in any way, we embellish and deliver it so it looks and feels real, like its already been built.

Quite simply, we convert the architectural plans into a stunning as-it-will-be video and/or a fully immersive experience on VR headsets and mobiles.

To put it another way, we add spice!

  • Gain investor confidence

  • Win bids

  • Public consultation events

  • Visual impact and design decisions

  • Increasing tourism interest

  • Public relations, engagement and outreach

  • Marketing and local community events

Recommendation: Philip Long, Director, V&A Museum of Design Dundee

“The Live Visualisation has been of great benefit to the V&A Museum of Design Dundee, in terms of bringing the project to life and providing a flavour of what it will be like to experience the building.”

“Live Visualisation is an innovative company and great to work with.”

Recommendation: Henry Aykroyd, CEO, Intelligent Growth Solutions

“Live Visualisation is adept at taking a brief and bringing it to virtual reality in a manner that matches our high standards through exceptional quality and attention to detail. Their visualisations have been instrumental in communicating our business to a wide audience; even when we have tight deadlines to meet, they always deliver.”

“I highly recommend Live Visualisation: virtual reality paints more than a thousand words.”

Easy virtual reality on many common platforms

= accessible anywhere by anyone.


On Headsets

Achieve a sense of presence with full immersion VR headsets that are affordable consumer items.



 On Mobiles

Interactive walkthrough 3D apps or augmented reality on iOS or Android.

On Websites

Full interactive 3D on your website. No plugins required from your visitors.


On Desktops

Installable 3D application on PC or Mac with optional virtual reality headset support.


Architecture, Engineering, Construction & BIM

We bring the future to life before it’s been built by virtually constructing and finishing literally years before open day. Everyone involved in a building project can interact with the building, it’s information and with each other throughout it’s stages of life. All in one succinct cloud enabled 3D App.

3D Interactive Marketing

Capture your audience’s attention with simulated 3D virtual tours of real estate, tourist attractions, vehicles, products and more so that passive viewing becomes active participation which converts more potential customers or stakeholders.


Training Simulation

Immersive learning is the best kind of learning because we retain more through our experiences rather than pure head knowledge or written tests. For high risk occupations, physical risk is eliminated with Virtual Training Simulation or Testing. It reduces ongoing training costs needed to create experienced, safer and competent staff.

Real Estate New Sales or Rent

Developers of new real estate or renovators raise funds for their ambitious project through selling ahead of time with our highly accurate and aesthetic experience of being in the finished property.

Tourism Attractions Old or New

The V&A Dundee successfully funded their £80M project with our product Live Visualisation which is an experience-ahead-of-time for their audience of stakeholders, planners and the public. On the other hand, historic places are brought to life through a sense of presence of a bygone era.

Product Sale and Configurators

Like holding in your hand, show off every angle as your visitors look around and move the product and see it’s shine in full 3D online with htlm5. Also available as a 3D app on iPhone or Android and as a product catalogue and configurator for your basket.

What's the Process?

It all starts with a conversation, we’d be pleased to talk through your project.

Together we’ll explore, understand and detail what your app needs to accomplish, by agreeing milestones deliverables following previous milestone reviews, to keep everything on track.

The development process begins by referencing your drawings, material and lighting data, images, point clouds, CAD and BIM from AutoCAD, Sketchup, ArchiCAD, Revit, Inventor, Rhino3D, 3DS Max and Maya.


What's the Result?

A well designed and developed, smooth interactive 3D application on your chosen platforms that’s fit for it’s purpose and delivers all the benefits you need from your investment.

If you choose to step out into interactive visualisation you will find similar costs to pre-rendered animation visualisation but measurably greater benefits. For instance, you essentially get a TWO FOR ONE result because video’s and stills can be recorded from your 3D app.

What's the Cost?

You are in control of the cost. The scope of your project can be scaled to fit your needs and starts at the cost of conventional animation or still render.

Live Visualisation however serves a different benefit, so beyond conventional pricing per square meter, whether it’s interior or exterior or both and the level of detail required, we factor in your target platforms, user experience design and app functionality.

We do small to large scale projects and produce high quality products.

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